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Introducing Powershelf®, a leading provider of retail
technology solutions. Our innovative hardware and
software connects stores, consumers, information,
and technology to create the ultimate shopping experience.

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“We create efficiencies in the supply chain,
focused on just in time inventory, with the
end goal to lower the price of goods. And we do
that while providing the ultimate shopping
experience by giving customers what they
want, when they want it, and where they want
it our game-changing, always-on technology.”

John White
Chairman and Co-CEO of Powershelf

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The Powershelf® platform incorporates mobile
advertising, smart retail labels, predictive analytics,
and real time data and communications to create
positive new interactions between stores,
consumers, and manufacturers.

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Data is an estimated 3 trillion dollar opportunity*, and
Powershelf® allows manufacturers, retailers, and
suppliers to capitalize on that opportunity through
unique backend data capture, reporting, and analysis.
*McKinsey, 2013

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Powershelf® reduces lost sales and out-of-stock (OOS),
incidents, improves pricing accuracy, and delivers
unprecedented insights to help retailers improve their
efficiency and save money, while adding additional
revenue streams through intelligent mobile marketing.

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“One of my greatest challenges in consumer
products was reducing lost sales by fixing OOS,
which cost us up to 15% a year even when we had the
product in stock at our distribution centers. What
other technology gives a significant Return on
Investment and improves the shopper experience?
None. Powershelf increases incremental sales and
improves operational efficiencies, ultimately leading
to better shareholder value.”

Larry McWilliams
Past President of Campbell Soup USA and co-CEO
of Powershelf


Powershelf technology enables stores to transform their customer service relationships and provide consumers with a seamless shopping experience, while meeting, and surpassing, the expectations of increasingly tech-savvy consumers.

By combining low-power, battery-free hardware with real-time digital analytics, Powershelf helps retailers better manage inventory, reduce out-of-stock products, and increase their operational efficiency.

Asset Tracking

Powershelf delivers value to retailers and manufacturers by tracking products at the shelf to reduce out-of-stock (OOS) incidents, delivering key shopper insights, and helping retailers restock OOS with a combination of humans and robots.

Smart Retail Labels (SRLs)

Enables seamless communication between backend databases to improve pricing accuracy, inventory management, and consumer-marketing. Powershelf SRLs include integrated low-energy Bluetooth beacons and radio frequency identification (RFID) technology.

Data Analysis

Powershelf uses powerful, proprietary software to deliver unprecedented insights and real, actionable data to retailers and manufacturers.


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