May 13, 2016

John White


John White joined the Board of Powershelf and was named its Chairman and Co-CEO in April 2012. In this capacity, Mr. White is leading retailers and consumer goods companies in creating IoT Smart Retail environments. He does this through the use of shelf edge technology, beacons, electronic pricing, and data to drive more efficiencies and generate better opportunities in sales, marketing, and operations.

Mr White is also the Chairman and CEO of Compass Marketing, Inc., an industry leader in the strategic marketing and sales consultation for many leading global consumer packaged goods companies including Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, and McCormick Spice Company.  Prior to founding Compass Marketing, Mr. White served as the youngest Director at Acosta, the leading sales and marketing agency for the grocery trade.

John is a native of Maryland, and holds a Master’s Degree in Business from the University of Baltimore.  He is very active in the community and directs Compass philanthropic efforts and support through the Compass Cares Foundation. He currently serves on the board of directors of the Anne Arundel Economic Development Corporation, is on the advisory board of iFred, and previously served on the board of the United Way Campaign of Maryland.