Building the Future of Retail, One Shelf at a Time

 By John White, CEO of Powershelf®

Modern brick-and-mortar retailers face unprecedented challenges as the internet, e-commerce and mobile technology reshapes their industry. Digital in-store technologies are the key to overcoming these challenges and better competing against e-commerce. These technologies meaningfully impact the bottom line, while improving the consumer shopping experience.

Unsurprisingly, executives are taking notice. A recent survey of 72 retail executives conducted by Forbes Insights found that 91 percent were planning significant investments in omnichannel-related technology, including digital in-store technologies, over the next two years.

Powershelf® is a leading technology that can level the playing field. A highly configurable turnkey solution, Powershelf® delivers true dynamic pricing, out of stock sensors for improved inventory management, and LED shelf lighting. Powershelf® uses inductive coupling technology, not batteries, to transfer power and data between the shelf edge and its individual electronic Smart Retail Labels. The system also features the integrated Powershelf Mobile Network to reach consumers on their ever-present mobile devices.

Improved inventory management is a revolutionary feature of digital in-store technologies. Retailers are plagued by products going out of stock and the industry needs a solution. According to Mark Baum, Senior Vice President, Industry Relations and Chief Collaboration Officer at FMI, “Solving the retail out of stock challenge is one of the most significant opportunities facing the retail food and consumer products industry today.”

Powershelf stands out by drastically reducing out-ofstocks: in a retail pilot Powershelf reduced the frequency of out of stocks by 50 percent. Powershelf® also gathers actionable data. SKUs, metrics and other performance indicators can be measured and analyzed to yield greater insights into the root cause of out of stocks and improve inventory management.

The Powershelf® system is an investment with a fast and monumental return. Its features increase sales and customer engagement, while decreasing labor expenses and environmental impact. In today’s increasingly competitive retail world, it makes sense to let the shelf do the work for you.

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“In a retail pilot Powershelf® reduced the frequency of out-of-stocks by 50 percent”