Powershelf Announces the Compass Digital Analytical Predictor

Technology tracks and reduces out-of-stocks, delivers greater efficiencies and provides key insights

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland – April 24, 2017 – On Monday, Powershelf announced the Compass Digital Analytical Predictor (CDAP), a groundbreaking software tool for manufacturers and retailers in the consumer goods industry. CDAP utilizes machine learning and predictive analytics to improve inventory tracking, analyze promotions and discover new operational insights.

Out-of-stock events are a challenge for both in-store and online retailers. The Powershelf system provides a prescriptive and preventive approach to reducing out-of-stocks by alerting stores to out-of-stock conditions. CDAP uses retailer data, including data from Powershelf, to predict the best times to reorder products and restock shelves. Integrating CDAP’s predictive capabilities with the Powershelf system can lead to a sharp reduction in the cost of sales lost to out-of-stock events.

“Retailers lose sales and customers every time a product is out of stock,” said John White, Chairman and CEO of Powershelf. “Our goal is to eliminate out-of-stocks in brick-and-mortar and online retailers. Powershelf and CDAP are the only solution that manage out-of-stocks through a prescriptive, preventive and predictive system.”

The powerful proprietary algorithms at the heart of CDAP also allow manufacturers and retailers to create more effective promotions. CDAP considers a variety of factors—including, weather, season and time—to help marketers plan campaigns. And, when promotions are running, CDAP encourages continuous, rapid optimization by continually measuring return on investment.

“CDAP is working alongside Powershelf in many of our in-store displays and we’ve already seen a tremendous decrease in our out-of-stocks,” said John Linehan, Executive Vice President of Strategy and Business Development at KING’S HAWAIIAN. “This integration of hardware and software will transform the consumer products industry.”

CDAP will be featured at Microsoft’s invitation-only Digital Difference event on April 26 in New York City. Executives from Powershelf and KING’S HAWAIIAN will be attending to demonstrate CDAP and answer questions. For more information please contact


About Powershelf

Powershelf is a leading provider of retail technology solutions. The patented technology—the Powershelf system—provides constant power and two-way communications to software-enabled applications and devices that deliver a variety of advertising, merchandising and pricing services to customers. Powershelf is designed to address the critical, ongoing challenges faced by retailers and CPG manufacturers around the world. For more information, please visit



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